Pandemic Brand January Issue

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Branding A Service Company

     In creating an identity for Advantage Services, we wanted to give a feeling of an old fashioned service company with old fashioned values. Bright colors and clean simple layouts make this easy to read as well as attractive to look at. Although it the logo itself does not say that it is an electrical service and repair company, the little guy is running with a lightning bolt and the slogan hints at the electrical industry. We also thought it appropriate to incorporate "Electrical Service and Repair" on the van layout. With the whimsical 1950's style of design, the friendly looking brand puts customers at ease. This is necessary with a service company that often times is going into the home of the customer. The little guy will be something that we continue to develop over time, using him in ads, email blasts and other print materials.

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